Welcome to my new Web-Site

This is my website, it was done with Daniel Azevedo´s design and thought by me and him (majority by him as I was in Portugal and I try not to overthink during beach and daiquiris, daiquiris don’t like it).


I’ll share all about my career in London, this adventure that I’ve embraced trying to achieve what I’ve already done in Portugal (or maybe more) also in the UK. The newsletter subscription is hardly advised.


First stop: April 23rd - Leicester Square Theatre – One full English hour of Stand-Up Comedy.

As I’m not known here in UK (in Portugal I can’t even go out in the streets by myself, mostly because of the police, ex-girlfriends and creditors) I’ll give you a resume of my career.

Here is an excerpt from the best seller that will one day be written about me. Check it out bellow.

Will I be the good, the bad, or the villain?

Who am I?


I am a Comedian. A Portuguese one. I’m not saying this for you to feel sorry. I love my country! We have everything there, except people, because half a million are here in UK and the other millions are somewhere else. And no, they are not here living from benefits. I am, but that ends on April 23rd. Ideally…


The Dream

My passion is the stage and my dream is to do it worldwide so I’ve decided to come to London pursuing that. A couple months after my arriving you Brexit so I suppose my timings are gold. Despite this on 23rd I launch my first full English spoken show and then I’ll be at EDFringe. Another dream come true. (I was tempted to make a joke here but you shouldn’t laugh about dreams. Unless it’s someone else’s dreams. In that case, it's funny. And you have a duty to do so. Including mine. What I did here was use that old trick of using brackets to not talk about something, talking anyway. Smooth…)



As I’m not known here in UK (in Portugal I can’t even go out in the streets by myself, mostly because of the police, ex-girlfriends and creditors) I’ll give you a resume of my career. I began as an actor on theatre radio. Besides participating as an actor in classical theatre performances (Shakespeare, Brecht, Moliére, among others). I’ve dedicated myself to stand-up comedy in the last 16 years. I’ve performed on seven national tours (four as a solo, and three in a group called LX Comedy Club) regularly sold out on more than 700 Theatre performances.

Video Killed the Radio Star

In television, I’ve been in four programmes and was part of the writing team in seven. I’ve had the opportunity to do two participations in cinema, my great passion! and another as a special guest appearance (this last one to debut in 2017 on the international circuit).


Now, the Villain (= Vilao, copy?) thing!

I have also worked as an advertising creative, as Marketing Director and as a screenwriter. At the moment I am partner on a creative agency in Portugal that will launch a branch also in London. Utilizing my stand-up comedy I’ve created a business talk inspired by my personal experience in life and show business, marketing degree and comedy training under the motto “You accomplish excellence in your career learning from mistakes. Use me in the next hour. I am an encyclopaedia of them” where I talk about leadership, motivation, management and humour inspired by great knowledge of men like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Peter Drucker, Steve Jobs, just to name a few and I’ve already presented it in more than 160 multinational and Top Portuguese Companies. Since 2009 I also write humour and satiric chronicles for the press and I am the voice-over of various advertising campaigns (BMW, Smart, Sonae, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Sanofi-Aventis, among others).

I gladly accept suggestions for improving the site.

If the idea is just to criticize without presenting solutions, thank you, but no thanks. I have a cousin in the Wales who plays this role like no one else. Unless you're my Welsh cousin, in that case you can.


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